Little Miss, Open House…Third Grade Has Become Complicated

Last night was Little Misses Open House.  They had to do th third grades now because they were waiting to reduce the third grade classrooms definitely something I am grateful,for, and the teacher was nice enough.  Little Misses Mom actually knew her from school but I attended the Open House yesterday so I could understand better what was going on.  I like the teacher but as she went on about the benefits of Common Core I wanted to pull my hair out lol.

I honestly don’t remember third grade being so complicated, but it is what it is, and because I am homework helper, I need to know this stuff, though I certainly don’t agree with it.  I was grateful to find out though they have a deeper focus in reading though.  And that her favorite App Reading eggs does count towards her reading goal.

We will have some things to focus on to prepare her for the testing coming up this year.  She is bright though and with a little focus she’ll do great.

I will say there is a beautiful view from the school, though I am not overly fond of Common Core.  They say it was implemented to prepare them more honestly I think it serves to drive most of the adults nuts lol.

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