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Do you let your life happen or do you design your life with intentions, purpose and goals?  For most people it’s a mixed bag. We go through phases and have successes, failures and that is how we learn. We stop and we look at what it is.

My husband and I were talking about the need to design a simplified life. It’s a bit different for each of us.  His is retired, ill and has no time tables unless someone else creates them for him. I work and full time job and am the only driver in the home. The grocery store is 25 miles away. I don’t mind, it’s just a matter of having to plan and organize while the rest of the family just makes lists of things that need to be done. 

Here are some tools that we have decided to try (some of them from the past) to make things a little more simple here. Each refrigerator and the freezer chest has a list of contents.  When you take something is used then it is highlighted. It’s on the outside so you can know what is available. We did this very successfully for a year and then we let it fall by the wayside.

If we don’t use something donate it to someone who will. We have one of the boat that has not been on the water in at least 4 years. We don’t need it. 

We now have a basket that says on it, “is this junk or a treasure”?     If it is someone’s treasure we want to keep it in a special place made for treasures. If not, we want it gone! So our first part of designing simplicity is getting rid of excess.

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