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Let us be Positive in Life

Hello everyone here. At present, I find that many people have started sharing their knowledge on this site. Do doubt, with a bit of luck, we all can have this site as a meeting place to share more and more things that shape our daily life and carry forward. I feel that we need not look back as to what the other sites did to us that only got in the way in going forward.

When unexpected situations and bad things happen in our life, we may not be able to avoid it and can only overcome it and proceed ahead. In general what we do is we become sad and look back to see what we did wrong, where we went wrong and what things we should not have done. We only like to try and squeeze each situation of the past to see how we can fix it.

The problem is that you cannot go back to the past. The past is past and it is lost forever. Something had already happened, and we can do nothing to fix it or change. Tears may help us clear the way, but the perspective we have to take is to look forward. We cannot do anything with our past. The past is past. The only thing that helps us is to realize what we should not do.

As blinking lights, it only indicates that they have already happened and we must be cautious about it from now on. So, looking back does not help much. Our eyes and our vision must be forward. So, every morning when we get up, let us drop the negative thoughts, look cheerful and enjoy what is left for us to live. Today is a gift, and as you know, that is why it is called present.


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