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Sunday, September 26, 2021

I didn’t sleep all Saturday night, as I tried to research where I will go to fix my Huffy flat tire as well as how I will fit my Huffy in the back of my VW, which wasn’t really that easy the first time when I bought my bike from Sports Authority closing sale.  I woke up tired in the morning and I decided not to go to the yoga meetup. Mercury Retrograde is today! It is already playing havoc on my life. 

I tried to call the Zot Bicycle shop number but no one would pick up the phone. I went to their website and sent an email instead. I got a reply that there is an availability on Wednesday but they didn’t say how much it costs. I sent them another email, and I got a basic estimate for tire issues. Now, I am waiting for Monday morning to call the other local bike shop for appointment availability and how much it costs to fix a Huffy flat tire.  I also have errands to do on Monday. Then, I will decide which one to go to.

While on Linkedin, I noticed a post stating that Volvo is no longer using leather for its seats, and they will also make all their cars electric by 2030. Nordico is made from forest byproducts, plastic bottles, and recycled corks. Other sustainable materials include recycled polyester and linen, which is made from flax plants. Door panels will be made from flax fibers. But it still will offer wool-blend options from specific ethical sources.

Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and other brands under the Kering company are quitting the usage of fur for the merchandise.

Nike launches leather-free Air Jordans, and Billie Eilish promotes it. Check out the link for more information about the latest Vegan-wear products and news, such as Jennifer Aniston’s vegan haircare brand, and Ariana Grande’s vegan makeup and perfume.

The latest news on vegan meat worldwide.  But it is also noted that Leonardo DiCaprio is promoting ‘cultured meat,’ which isn’t vegan, but rather meat created inside a lab by animal cells, which is created for these people that need to eat animal flesh.


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