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Joyce Sue Turner Dobson – My Inspiration

My mother was an amazing person.  She grew in a very small town, there was not even a stop sign! She went to s very small school and knew everyone in town. She married her high school sweetheart, and bore him four children. They moved to the big city of Marietta after getting married.

After fourteen years of marriage, my father left her for a younger woman. She was left to raise four children all alone. He rarely paid child support and received no alimony. During the seventies, it was rare there were divorced families and divorced women were treated like diseased women! She found a job that paid enough to pay the bills and get food on the table. Later, she returned to college and received and accounting degree. She also obtained a degree in management and early childcare as well.

Going to college enabled her to get employed at IBM. She worked there for over twenty years. It gave her many opportunities for advancement and she was treated much better at this job. She was also a Naval Reservist during this time as well, where she was able to travel many places and see many things that she had never seen before.

She gave her children a good life and left them with many happy memories. I will always cherish her memory and hope that I will one day be the person that loved everyone and had a great life.

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