“Where Is Jayden?” (Jayden’s Dream)

“After a long day of playing – and learning; our little Jayden falls asleep – and dreams. He doesn’t stay in one place too long before he is running off to visit his favorite animals. He is in the land of fairytales where the animals talk to him – and the voices sound so familiar. In Jayden’s excitement, he is everywhere in dreamland. 

 Slowly Jayden wakes up from his dream to start a new day. We will go with Jayden again into his dreamland; soon!” – FCSH 

“The dreams our children dream is their adventures in life!” – FCSH

“Where Is Jayden?” (Jayden’s Dream)

TMINW Productions 

by Francine C. Still Hicks

©2017 All Rights Reserved

Music by Music by PC III

“Children Of The Son”

Music Project Developed by Michael J. Bostwick

©2013 – 2017 All Rights Reserved

Jayden – Jayden Hicks

 Narration & Ariel Artwork by Francina G. Still

Voice Characters:

 Francina G. Still

Brandon Hicks

Courtney R. Hicks

Francine C. Still Hicks

Bryant E. Hicks

Casting Director/Director/Script & Video Producer – Francine C. Still Hicks         


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