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Anyone who knows me, knows that forgiveness is big part of my life. In fact, I had to practice and learn so much I wrote a book about it. Still it takes practice every single day to ensure instant forgiveness. Today these are my favorite forgiveness quotes.

To have unconditional love you must have unconditional forgiveness, it’s just the way it works.

It should become so much easier when we  realize that forgiveness is a gift that we give ourselves. Who doesn’t love to pick out a gift? We can do this for us and our happiness. It is like lighting a candle in the darkness so everyone can see better. It is a rare win ~ win.

And the next quote is probably the one of the most important things one can learn about forgiveness. It is a solitary act. You don’t have to wait on anyone. No one has to earn it. No one is required to apologize. It may seem tough to comprehend in the beginning,  still when you get it, it’s life changing. Are you ready?

Isn’t simple and beautiful? Isn’t it the way the world should be? Isn’t this the key to a happy life?

Now with that being said, I have a problem. I asked 12 people to join the challenge and all refused. What is a girl to do? Does it die right here with me, or do I just have to write them forever?  Please some one help me out. This is a good thing and I know there are writers who have much to share. Will anyone help?


What do you think?

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  1. Trenna forgiveness is tough and working to ask others in a challenge is tougher.

    We have a tough time forgiving ourselves. I’ll chip in with a little bit of a story.

    I had a rough childhood. My father grew up with twelve siblings in the depression era prairies on a farm. He raised eight children himself later. My mother left us when we I was nine. We didn’t understand or appreciate the stress or how tough this was on him. Nor why he had to go to the bar with his friends twice a week.

    We were homesteading in the middle of the woods twenty-seven miles from the closest town when I was thirteen after he had issues and decided life with his buddies wasn’t what it should be anymore. He remarried and living with ten of us in a three room house, you might understand how frustrated and angry we became as children with him.

    Well, when my dad developed brain tumours at age 64 I hadn’t spoken to him since I left that homestead at fifteen years old to live my own life. But I pulled up my boots and went to the hospital and sat with him, talking for four hours, working out our past differences and the lives we had lived. Getting to understand the difficult choices he had had to make. I understood my father then and forgave him and he forgave me for leaving.

    After forty years of anger at each other, we became friends again. Only to have him die three months later. But we were good with each other. It is never too late to forgive, but it is good to forgive and let the past go.

      • Albert, life has many challenges. How we respond or react to them determines who we become. It is always our choice. We can be positive or negative even when our choices seem to be only negatives. I listen (Read) your posts and comments and see a man who makes many positive choices. I’m glad to know you as a friend too.

      • Hi Treanna, thanks, as I said to Albert. We make our choices. I’ll add that Sometimes though we make ones we regret or are unhappy with. And occasionally we’re given an opportunity to correct those choices or make amends as I was with my Father. I’m happy to have spoken with him before he passed and was given an opportunity to discover the complicated, intelligent, loving man who I had been angry at thinking of as an unintelligent, spitful ogre for so many years, ridding my life of the malice I had carried for so long.


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