Is your family important?

I can say honestly that I had a great childhood. I spent my days as a child loving every minute of life, and never knew the challenges my parents face. My parents shielded me from any worries and ensured I had a care free upbringing.

As I grew up and met my wife (who had twin five year old girls when we married) I carried this importance of parenting into my own family and realized from an early age that I had to protect my daughters from my own personal worries and fears.

It’s something that has helped bind us into a very tight family as we ensured we were always there for our daughters and  did not get caught up in the day to day struggles we faced. Life is not always easy and we have faced many challenges but as my daughters turn 26 (today) I realize the value of the realization that family was more important than petty worries; worries and fears go away usually, family should be there forever.

I thank my parents for teaching me how important family is, and I hope my own children pay it forward and teach their children to value family as much as we all do.

As noted – my children turn 26 today – my daughter Kelly, the one on the right is also having her second child within two weeks. My other daughter Meghan is enjoying being young and is currently vacationing in Missouri.

Luckily for me – they are caring and kind individuals who will do anything for their family!


What do you think?

Written by SimeyC

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