Inside the Capsule – 22

Sitting in a fast food restaurant, across the street from the school, sharing a meal with a girl, whose name she didn’t know,  Margaret didn’t feel as if she’d broken any rule.

In fact, she hadn’t known there was a rule against students coming here during school hours.

The girl, (whom she thought of as Mousey) wanted to ask her a question and she had said “Sure”. Hesitantly, Mousey began;

“From the day you arrived the Clique was gunning for you.”


“You didn’t notice?”

“No.  I don’t notice anything here. “

“You’re lucky.   I’ve been in this town since I was born, had to put up with those girls since Kindergarten.”

Margaret looked at ‘Mousey’, unable to fully grasp the why of all of it.    That’s when Mousy asked her question;

“How do you ignore them?”


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Written by jaylar

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