Inside the Capsule – 19

Millie, her husband Sam, and daughter Margaret raced ‘home’  to the City. After a good night’s sleep at their favourite hotel, they spent the  week with friends and family and familiar places.

Sam was the only one who had grown during the months.  He was the Boss, he was proving himself, and his life was easy.

Millie had proven her worth, and conversations with her boss during a brief meeting promised a raise and promotion.

Margaret only felt alive in the City, meeting real people with lives.

Their ‘sentences’ would be up in three months.   As they rode back to the horror town, Margaret had to focus on good grades.   Millie would enjoy her vacation, knowing that when she returned to work in August she’d have a heavy work load.

August!  When  they would be finally home.


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Written by jaylar

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