How To Boost Affordable Energy In Your Home?

Everything that exists is imbued with energy or as the ancient Chinese called it CHI. There is only one energy, neither positive nor negative.  What gives it its positive or negative properties is space, shape and conditions . It can be Yin or Yang, ie passive or active. All living things, plants and non-living objects possess it.

We have already learned that for the good of Feng Shui, the neatness and cleanliness of a residential or commercial space is important. But that’s just part of the story. Even so, we feel that something is missing in the space and that the atmosphere is not what we would like to feel. It’s hard to tell what we are missing, and in fact it is very simple.

Boost energy when:

  • you want to revitalize the space, make it quality and comfortable to live in,
  • you feel that somehow everything is slow in life with no visible progress,
  • when the household often quarrels for no apparent reason,
  • you want to bring happiness and positive change to your life,
  • you start a new business venture, a new connection, a new start, etc.,
  • when you want good health.

Today, life is very dynamic, there are loads of things that we should “buy”, we fill our apartments and offices with hundreds of little things, appliances, inappropriate furniture, artificial lighting, plastic and unhealthy materials. When all this is compounded, with diet and lifestyle, we wonder why we are dissatisfied or ill.

Feng Shui approaches this problem very comprehensively and solves it in many ways.

We have already mentioned neatness and cleanliness, so if you want to go further I suggest you look room by room separately, make a list of what bothers you and what you would like to change first.

Take, for example, the living room with the dining room where we all usually stay.

See how much daylight or sunshine you have and need to change the curtains or add some lighting? The view outside should be through a clear window, preferably on something green or at least pleasing to the eye.


Is your furniture adequate in size, does it block your smooth movement, and if so then throw out something, rearrange or plan to buy new furniture that will be smaller, preferably without sharp edges, and made of natural materials.


Do you have beautiful healthy plants or half of it is wilted, collecting dust and sitting in a corner somewhere in the corner. Instead, have one nice plant to look after than a lot of smaller plants that you don’t have time for. I suggest plants with succulent, fleshy leaves, without spines and thorns.


Are your walls full of different paintings, styles that don’t fit. Every artistic image affects the mood and condition of the beholder, even if he sees it only once. Some motives may trigger aggression, sadness, and discomfort and spread very heavy energy, although sometimes these are masterpieces. So think about what’s on your walls and put only what you like.

Make a list of all things that are damaged or defective and start changing or repairing them in sequence. For a long time, I was annoyed by the shaky door handle and the knob. Every time I looked at it, it took away a bit of a good mood, I felt bad and I added weight to the obligations that awaited me.

Very often, we are not even aware that all these things are actually “energy hijackers” that steal positive energy, disrupt our peace and endanger our health.

Home ventilation

Ventilate your home every day and every room for any season, and allow fresh fresh energy to enter your home.

I personally do at least one energy-efficient cleaning of the apartment per year to further revitalize the space, boost energy, but also when I want to clean my home from stale bad energy that has accumulated throughout the year. You can find simple and useful methods online or on the bookshelves.

Entrance door and hallway

The first contact with the apartment is your front door and hallway and you should pay special attention to this part. Doors should open at a 90-degree angle, and something close to the house and a clean mat should be in front of the door. Keep the hallway tidy, walkable, and well-lit, and try to arrange it so that it all fits into your wardrobe or shoe cabinet.

The colors of the walls

White or colored walls? It’s a matter of taste and balance, but if your home is poorly decorated with the right color, the space’s fullness and warmth will be created. In common areas, it is better to use earth tones that create a more harmonious atmosphere and be comfortable.

Shapes also affect the flow of energy , so a larger round carpet in the living room can do a miracle and completely change the look and feel of the space.

In addition to the senses of vision, activate the sense of smell (smell) and get essential oil of fine fragrance, to me personally it is a great orange because it energizes the space, but make sure it is of organic origin because synthetic products can make your head ache.

Remember Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese skill in understanding energy in space and in ourselves, that is, studying the interaction of the environment on humans.

Feng Shui’s purpose is to create an environment where CHI moves smoothly, softly and gently, because only then can all sentient beings experience its comfort and positive aspects . What is needed to ensure a successful and healthy life is the smooth flow of CHI.

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