How Green Are You?

Its been on my mind more and more about the effects the air pollution has on our health, especially since I am a caregiver to a lung cancer patient.

Over the past 10 years I am really getting into being more self reliant, growing more of my food, using more wild herbs for medicine ( still in deep study for this one) and seeking the solar way of life.

But on the way to a greener lifestyle one had to learn how to deal with what we are willing to give up, what we have to keep and what we must have to live.

For Instance:  I do have a company, Sunshine`s Homestead Creations, where I make lotions, soaps, lip balm, deodorants and more, as natural as possible, actually the lotion is only one with a preservative, all the rest are all natural products. I would love to offer them in glass containers but the shipping would be more than people are willing to pay so all the bottles I use are new but reusable for the customer or recyclable.

Transportation is a big one since we do not have people making house calls anymore, well not yet, I am seeing more delivery options now. So I  still need a car for work.

But I have given up a couple things already, Newspapers and coupons, I only print what I use each week now, no more paper buying and clipping just to toss them in a month because I did not use them, plus I asked myself “do I need it?”

So Now I ask ” How green are you?”

Want to know more about this lifestyle? Click “Learning to live free” and see how easy or tough life can be.

By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry and Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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