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Hobart Indiana police officer saves the life of a child from choking

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In keeping with the tradition of bringing some good news stories from the internet comes to this site  another great story from Merrillville Indiana at a Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurant where a police officer used his training to assist Charlotte Hasse who is a young girl from choking to death after she had small apple particle stuck inside her throat.

Melanie Hasse was having a meal with her young daughter at Chick-Fil-A when she noticed her child eating an apple when a small portion of the apple was stuck inside her throat that needed the assistance of someone to get the small particle of an apple out of her mouth quickly.

Melanie used her quick thinking to ask for help from some police officers who were eating their meal at the same fast food restaurant that is known for their superb service and meals.

Hobert Police Officer Richard Mayer was able to assist Charlotte dislodge the small portion of the apple that was stuck  inside her windpipe by having the assistance of another police officer named Ramos who placed the young girl over his lap so he could slap on her on the back to get rid of the apple that was stuck inside her windpipe.

After the scary incident happened Melanie was grateful that Hobert Police Officers Mayer and Ramos were there to save a life inside a fast food restaurant this weekend.

I believe that Officers Mayer and Ramos were the patron saints of Charlotte Hasse who will likely be thankful for the policemen to be there to save her life from choking on a particle of food.


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