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To start off with health and diet is not 100% me. The thing is when we slip and roll back into our obsessive behaviors, we gain our weight back. Then our sugar and LDL levels go up. This is leading to very serious diseases. You got to ask yourself, at this point, what is this all about? And how do I balance out moderation again for food plans and get back to my workouts?

Two weeks ago, I got the results from blood tests two years ago. Although I’m 20lbs lighter now, I was not impressed with my blood sugar level being six points on the lower end of high and my LDL being 135. I knew I had to swing myself back into action while ordering other blood tests for myself.

During this time period in the last couple of weeks, I read and caught on my inspiration of the oldest female bodybuilder in the world, who is 82 and still working out and teaching fitness classes. So I decided to return to my workouts and food plans. Then just go with it.

The food plans are not all about looks and you dieing. Instead they are about you eating healthy, in moderation and learning about foods and nutrition that help heal your body and give you energy. This is not about:

1. Obsessive Eating Behaviors.

2. The need to look younger and attractive. This is a bad message to give anyone.

And then exercise:

1. By something you like to do. Or you just like the results of.

2. And in good form so that you cut down on injuries.

This is all about lifestyle. And we are the managers of our minds and bodies. Sometimes you got to think outside the box and look at yourself from the outside in. I found out by doing  that outside in evaluation of yourself once in a while helps because you get to shucked into your inside behaviors. You then miss your workouts and you start obsessing on your food. In the end this returns me to being the manager of my mind and body.

This is me: I am a writer, author, a dancer, an athlete, MMA and an artist. I love kittens and cats! Puppies and Dogs.  And I have a ministry for rescue kittens and cats. Puppies and Dogs. I volunteer at a no kill rescue and send them to loving human adoptive homes. This is what I have and give to them. You could not put a dollar amount on the love that they give to me. I’m on my second cat who lives with me. She owns me. I just the responsible person. Lol. And she is a legal ESA for me.

And the other thing that I like to do is to help other humans who are in need to give back to this world. Help them get housing. I restore damaged houses. Also help them with their physical and mental health. Fitness, exercise and well being. And eating healthy.

Love yourself first. Major in yourself. All of you have different careers and abilities. Hopefully you are enjoying them. Be your own manager of your lifestyle for your health, fitness and eating healthy. Your thoughts please.

Pic: That’s me.


What do you think?

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