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Here is my first blog after a long absence from Virily, as I was not sure it was fully functioning. Today, I received a letter from Linda Carter to say that it is functioning and some changes have been made for the better. As I am interested, I put down my first post for 2021.

The Thumbnail is a baby Pukako. 

2020 has been a challenge world wide and fortunately our New Zealand Government came down hard and fast, so that we could enjoy the freedoms many countries don’t. However, our borders need to be better managed.

However, it has been an eventful year…We were informed by Housing New Zealand that our homes, about 15 in a village in Onehunga, Auckland would soon be flattened and we would be found other accomodation as soon as possible..That was early February..

Well, after help from a local MP Denise Lee, she helped us to find a lovely home in Bucklands Beach in East Auckland. Much better than what we had in Onehunga, we now have more space and a lovely garden, an answer to much prayer on short notice. 

To be honest it looked like we would be forced into a Housing New Zealand apartment. They look nice on the outside, but it is not very nice to live in. Many live in Housing NZ apartments in fear, of gangs and it is very stressful for many. If you are fortunate, it is a smaller place and neighbours know each other, even if you are all ethnically different.

So, here we are by Bucklands Beach next to a park and it is a very beautiful place to live in. 

After that, Covid 19 struck New Zealand and we went into lockdown 4, hard and fast. It prevented many here from being able to earn a living, but our government has done their very best in the circumstances.

Viruses, like Covid 19 are nothing new, truth be known, more Maoris were wiped out by European diseases that they took with them when Europeans immigrated to New Zealand. Many other viruses since then as well. One being the measles. Measles has actually recently killed some people in New Zealand and in the Pacific Islands, but I had Measles as a child. 

Our front lawn is graced by lovely New Zealand birds, sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds, starlings, mynas, pigeons and turtle doves, ducks and pukakos. 

Today, we got a surprise, the 2nd baby pukako on our lawn and it even swam in one of our kiddie pools. Ducks and Pukakos swim in them.

Our first baby Pukako, we named “Pat!” as we don’t know if it is Patrick or Patricia. 

Pukakos make good parents, but as Swamp hens they make a universal nest, both Mum & Dad take care of babies and also Aunts and Uncles. They are tender and caring, but there is another side to them. They are very strict and Daddy Pukako has made junior pukako sit on his knees for some pukako misdemeanour.. and often chases Pat around the lawn to peck him and keep him in line. 

Pat a little older.

It looks like he or she is wearing a blue jumper.

I have yet to download a recent one of Pat, its beak now is mainly red as its legs, and the only difference is it has a shrill shriek as a baby while the adult is a full throttles eerie yell…

If you should talk to one of these bird, they can also answer you back.. 


What do you think?


Written by Pamela Moresby

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