From My Bookshelf-The Secret Chamber of Osiris

I generally enjoy the work of Scott Creighton, but this time I was disappointed. The Secret Chamber of Osiris-Lost Knowledge of the Sixteen Pyramids was a disappointing book, was disjointed without any real focus.

There were a few different ideas presented, a lost secret chamber of hidden knowledge, the Pyramids as recovery vaults after a flood, the Pyramids as a representation of the body of Osiris, and the use of hot air balloons as a means to build the Pyramids.

I hate to give a bad review for an author I like, but you have to do what you have to do. There were a lot of “what ifs”, but not a lot of substance. It just felt like he came up with a clever title, and is trying to sell books. The hot air balloon part was embarrassing to read, and I admit I had to just skim over most of that part.

I thought the Pyramids as grain storage facilities was silly as well. I find it hard to believe Mr. Creighton really believes that. I am sure he knows the pyramids are mainly solid structures, the idea is completely impractical.

This book will definitely not be on my “Read Again” list.


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