I am alone, I am not alone.Start! Lessons to advance. Everyone was friends. Everyone was a rival. While fooling with the absolute table and back. I did not fight. Changing the star also changes what is sought. Get a chance to be chosen!Believe in the future of Actress. Sing and dance to make your dream come true. Let’s go beyond theme. I’ll trash everything if I make myself aware of myself. I have always made an effort. I also knew he was crying softly. You did not hang up. It becomes an irritation to enhance each other’s things. In a place where a stage stands, how you change your mind changes. Send out the darkness and light at once!A beautiful white bird flaunts. Forget the legs that hurt to swim. Impression that only genuine items are given. The memory of overflowing today’s tears It will become a friend tomorrow tomorrow. Even when you are towed by nice. I am recognizing that I have a feeling of opening my heart. I am convinced that it is more amazing. I also deliberately said hard words. Star stars are living for each now. Show me the love connected by I!. Shining brilliantly. Yesterday’s day I will not be there anymore. Let’s go beyond theme. The memory of overflowing today’s tears It will become a friend tomorrow.


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Written by seriopscual

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