Friday's Workout

Friday, 5.17.19

I woke up early today, and I wasn’t even tired. I seemed to have a lot of energy for early morning. I fed Gumby, took out the trash, and ate my breakfast. Then, I realized since I seem energetic, I should go earlier to the gym so I can work out on the treadmill. I drove out at 9 am. 

At 9:30 am, I decided to do the Monterey Coastal Trail on the treadmill. It is a 5-mile trail, along the coast, but there wasn’t a video for this one. There was just a map, outlining the trail. I finished in one hour and 15 minutes, or around 66 minutes, in which I burned 800 calories. Then, I relaxed in the sauna for a while, before going to the yoga room to stretched out and prepare for the noon class. 

After one hour of yoga, I decided to go home. I feel very clear-headed today. 

This evening, there is a 4-mile walking meetup I plan to do. I have a good exercise schedule for today. 


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