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Sunday, October 25, 2020

For the past couple of months, I have noticed that overpopulated big cities are becoming the worst places to live and many people are moving out. So, I decided to look for videos listing the best places to live in order to help people with their moving decisions. Whether you are looking for the cheapest big city for retirement cheapest state for retirement, cheapest state to live, best state to live, or best beach town, check out the below five videos to help you narrow down the right place for you.

After watching all the videos, I noticed the best states tend to be Washington, Michigan, and North Carolina. And, Florida is a good beach town. 

#1 Top 10 Towns To Retire or Live for Under $1,500 a Month. United States

The cheapest states to live in the USA for retirement in 2020 include Detroit Beach Michigan, Apache Junction Arizona, Carnegie Pennsylvania, Bedford Ohio, Wausau Wisconsin, Logan’s Point Indiana, Holly Michigan, Coopersville Michigan, Blair Nebraska, and Turtle Creek Pennsylvania.  I have a cousin who lives in Bloomfield, and she states it is very quiet there. She was recently laid off from her mall sales job because of the lockdown. She has three kids, and they seem smart because the oldest is attending Vanderbilt via online school. She’s doing OK in Michigan, although she isn’t ready for retirement.

#2 Top 10 CHEAPEST STATES to Live in America for 2020

Cheapest states to live in 2020 are Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Alabama, West Virginia, Missouri, Michigan, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. Although these states are stated to be the cheapest places to live, they aren’t good places for more than one reason. I grew up in West Virginia, and it was like living in a boring, small town ghost town. I had to create my own entertainment to amuse myself, which helped me work on my creative skills. My parents were so bored that we often drove to Washington DC on Fridays for weekend getaways or holiday vacation during Christmas, Easter and summer break. We tried to make best of your current situation.

#4 Cheapest Cities To Retire in the US. Top 10

Cheapest big cities to retire in 2020 include Tulsa Oklahoma, Mobile Alabama, Winston Salem North Carolina, El Paso Texas, Wichita Kansas, Lubbock Texas, Greensboro North Carolina, Buffalo New York, Fort Wayne Indiana, and Cleveland Ohio.

My neighbor is dying to get out of Irvine California because it is a small, quiet, and quite boring suburb. She prefers the big city environment, but she realizes that NYC and LA are currently not good places to live. I think she is considering Florida.

I know some people from West Virginia who are now living in North Carolina. I think they are doing OK, although one of them isn’t really happy with her situation.


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