Fast-Forward to Positivity

When I was young, in my twenties, carrying the load of raising three pre-teens with my wife, Daleen, I often thought, about how old I would be someday in the distant future when mankind entered a time referred to as the new millennium.

I figured, that I would be 50 years old when the twenty-first century began. The millennium was light-years away! 

As 2000 arrived, looking towards retirement did not sound so ridiculous at all, I would have accumulated 26 years of experience chalked up as a husband, a parent and an H.R. manager. The millennium was far away in the future when I would be grey and bald.

What I never saw coming, when our kids were young, was that those next twenty-six years would rush by as though they took only half a decade. It’s remarkable, to find, that you have become an “old person” a hell of a lot quicker than you had ever planned it.

Living life, day-by-day, year-after-year, watching our pre-teens become teenagers, then young adults then full-grown adults with their own children. How could I have imagined, during the pain of losing my eyesight and the use of my right leg, that an entirely new life would follow, one that was filled with adventure and excitement and an opportunity to escape anonymity by becoming a writer?

My writing, now in its eighth year and continuing to grow in readership, I intend writing my albeit, insignificant little tale as a positive reflection of all the incredibly positive  things that have happened to me, with a bit less emphasis on the sad parts and a greater focus on the good things that have made my life worthwhile and ultimately, so very deeply fulfilling.

Oh, I almost forgot, my blindness came to an abrupt end when after two, twenty-minute operations, I could see better than ever before.

NOTE: Virily sent me a huge gift on Facebook Messenger, they said: “they have received 1K likes of the my-The Tranquilpen brand image featured above.

This article is dedicated to my dear friend Sharon.


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