Essential Hair Styling Tools

In a world obsessed with physical attractiveness, choosing the right kind of hairstyle has become incredibly important for most men and women. There are hairstyles for short hair, hairstyles for long or curly hair, haircuts for round faces—you name it.

Everyone has their own hairstyle. A proper hairstyle will enhance a person’s looks and personality. A nice hairdo will project your image to the world. You’re probably familiar with creating a first good impression. In other words, your hairstyle, to a certain extent, who you really are. It will help you in building up your confidence. If you’re looking for the appropriate hairstyle and look that blends with your facial features and personality, you need to have the right hair styling tools.

Below, we have listed some essential hair styling tools every man and woman should have:

7 Essential Hair Styling Tools

1. Hair Brushes

Hair brushes are one of the basic, yet essential hair styling tools. Hair brushes come in a variety of designs and purpose. You won’t find the same type of hair brush being used for the same kind of work. A round brush gives volume and shape to hair while blow drying, whilst a paddle brush is used to smoothen dry hair. We recommend you brush your hair regularly and many times daily to get healthy hair. Furthermore, always buy a high-quality hairbrush because cheap, inferior quality brushes will damage both your hair and scalp.

2. Combs

It is advised to comb your hair while wet. Always pick a wide-toothed comb with smooth rounded tips. Wide-toothed combs work great for de-tangling your hair without putting extra tension. Also, use these kinds of combs for evenly spreading the conditioner on your hair after applying a conditioner.

3. Hair Dryers

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I digress. In fact, it is a hair dryer. Sometimes it is also called a hair blower. Regardless of what it is called, you need a hair dryer to dry off your wet hair after a shower quickly when you’re getting ready for work in the morning. Moreover, drying your hair by rubbing it with a towel can damage your hair structure. A good hair dryer also adds shine and volume to the hair. So, if you want to dry off your hair quickly and also want to have good hair day all the time, invest a good hair dryer.

4. Flat Irons

If you want to have amazingly smooth, silky, and straight hair at home, using a flat iron is the easiest way to get it done. Flat irons can be used for all hair lengths. Some flats irons have a feature to create waves or curls as well as straight hairstyles. Choose flat irons with ceramic heating pads for gentler, smoother hair straightening and less moisture loss. Also, buy a flat iron with variable temperature settings because you need different temperatures for straightening fine hair and coarse hairs.

5. Curling Irons

The curling iron is another important styling tool for a woman. This hair iron provides volume to thin, straight hair. Again, pick a curling iron with ceramic heating pads for faster and better results and less hair damage. Curling irons come in large barrels and small barrels to create softer curls and tighter curls respectively.

6. Hair Sprays

Your essential hairstyling kits are incomplete without hairsprays. There are two types of hair sprays: 1) Hairspray, 2) Heat protectant spray. Hair sprays are used to keep your existing hairstyle intact for a long time. Heat protectant sprays, on the other hand, will protect your hair from damage caused by high temperatures of hairstyling irons we mentioned above.

7. Bobby Pins and Ponytail Holders

Bobby pins and ponytail holders are incredible in creating a nice hairstyle within few minutes. These nifty things are also great to separate and hold your hair when using flat or curling iron.


We already mentioned why it is necessary to have a hairstyle that suits your personality. Sometimes it is fine to experiment with different hairstyles as it is common to get bored with styling our hair in the same way over and over. Hair styling tools are a must to do different hairstyles. With the modern hair styling tools we mentioned here, it has become easy to try different hairstyles at home without going to a hairstylist.

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