Quietly fluttering at the end of reminiscence.Far away promises to spell forever. I got wet in sadness. I loved loneliness by switching despair. the only one. Until the day I meet you. Come here. Let’s lay on my heart. I will take away your thorn. Playing to the falling future. Pick up the scream. Let’s make a hug. Birds betrayed by love. He kept wandering in search of bird cages. Close your emotions. To caress a soft wound. Just deeply. It was buried in the earth. To your poison. To the temperature of the hand. My heart grows hot. Come here. Everything becomes imaginary. The day when it gets swallowed and broke. I want to count you.Let’s fly now to raise a cry. Poems of love songs to speak. If I lost my fever and fell to the ground. Pick up this shell with both hands. Temporarily departing from the sky. Come here. Let’s lay on my chest. I will take away your thorn. Large rain wetting cheeksLike stopping the needle of timeLet’s make a hug.


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Written by seriopscual

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