Drug addict or a boozer should pay properly

The trend in a few countries is that politicians are trying to take the credit of ban on alcohol without knowing the fact that what you ban it takes the back door for entering into the system.

You know, if drugs were available legally on payment of proper taxes like addictive drug known as alcohol people would not be contributing as much towards organized crime. One should have full freedom to choose what he puts in him or what his body can stand.

They must know, what would be safer for their system and at the same time contribute through taxes. I think people would think twice before getting addicted. People must have right to decide about their own well being before state decides they are not deciding in right ways.

It is disgusting to see people using drugs without paying legally for them. It is also disgusting watching people dying using the illegal booze manufactured and supplied in every village. You have better ways of getting popular than banning the use of drugs and booze.

The situation gets even worse when you have no control over the production because the procedure used in illegal production is never in the favor of consumer. So what is the use of banning a thing which is available in neighboring states or could be produced illegally?


What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag