Daily life in Hong Kong (weekdays ) -the first part

I think all of you guys know that Hong Kong is one of the honest and crowded cities in the world.  People are always in  hurry here such as walking very fast in the streets,  eating fast for almost every meals,  rushing to the trains etc. But I found that many foreigners don’t understand why we are so hurry? So I would like to talk about my daily life in weekdays.

As I am a pool lifeguard in Hong Kong,  I usually wake up early at about six o clock in the morning.  Because I work at 7 am so I need to catch up for the train (many people even in the 6am) at 6:30 am, that means I had to run out from my home before 6:18 am (I need 12 minutes around to walk to the train station ).  Usually if the train reaches the destination (Tsing Yi to Central ) on time,  I ran off from the train and walk very fast almost running to my working place within 10 minutes there will be heavy penalties of being late for work (different companies have different but similar rules)! And the most unhappy thing for me is that I usually have no time to eat my breakfast !

Though my company (in fact most companies in Hong Kong ) has strict regulations that we all need to work on time,  we are not so busy in our working time (just doing some “facade ” works as if we are doing “actual ” works and looks like we are so busy working in our jobs). So most of the time we are taking out our phones and doing our own works “secretly ” until lunch hours at 12:00 PM noon.  This is my first part of my daily life (from Monday to Saturday ).

If anyone is interested in Hong Kong’s daily life,  I will write more about that and even the typical lifes of office boys and ladies in Hong Kong .


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