Cycling to North Avenue Beach – Chicago

I prefer cycling in the morning hours because I have open access to whatever roads that may not be open during peak traffic hours. The night prior to this ride towards North Avenue Beach, I got a notification about a woman cyclist being hit by a dump truck on a street that I regularly cycle, which is Madison and Halsted. According to Chicago police, both were headed north on Halsted when the truck turned right at Madison and struck the cyclist. Most of the time when I’m cycling down that route, I’m headed on Madison, which is the road where the cyclist was hit by the dump truck. I remember that area very clearly because it is my entrance into the inner Chicago loop area, plus it is where you will encounter construction being done on buildings and also parts of the road being repaired. It is quite unsettling to know that a cyclist has been hit on a route that you ride regularly. However, it doesn’t stop me from riding the route, but it prompts me to be a little more alert to what is around me.

Being a cyclist in the inner city of Chicago you always have to think outside of the box when cycling in such a busy city. All vehicles have blind spots! Certain vehicles have it difficult because they sit so high! Cycling in a congested city like Chicago you always have to visualize any accidents that may occur in route to your destination and try to prevent it. Not all drivers are bike friendly too, and not all drivers know how vulnerable we are or feel on our bikes.

When cycling in the inner city it gets hectic near Michigan Avenue & Lake Shore Drive, where there are many drivers that just want to get to their destination. I tend to have that mindset that nobody sees me, so I try to ride in the most visible area as possible to where that driver sees me.  If I just so happen to be on the passenger side of that vehicle best believe I’m waving to get that drivers attention, so that they know I’m there, but never do I ride in a blind spot behind a vehicle. Hell, if I cannot see a vehicle in my blind spot when i’m driving my own car best believe I cannot see a cyclist in it. With that being said,  I hope you all enjoy these pictures, I shared some while in route to the North Avenue Beach.


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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!