Cutting the Cords – Fiona – 3

Craig was twenty five;  still lived with his mother.  That is, in between times he lived on the street, in the hospital, in rehab or just missing.

Fiona’s life was a mess.  The only thing that kept her busy, kept her sane was her job.  Was getting away from her flat to somewhere she was safe from her son.

From the moment she woke,  she had to see about Craig.  If he was there, if he’d left with some valuable in the middle of the night, if he’d overdosed.

Then, she’d go to work, to come home and see about Craig.

She couldn’t carry money, for he’d steal it.  He’d steal anything that he could sell to get drugs.

Everyone told her to put him out, cut ties, but she couldn’t.  Craig was her son.  

She couldn’t abandon him.


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Written by jaylar

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