Country Girl – 21

For the past months, Zelda had been flirting with Av, (short for Avery).  She’d make his favourite drink as she saw him enter, and by the time he sat she was racing over with a huge smile and the drink.

He’d smile back, toss a few amenities, and Zelda was sure he wanted her. She would wait for Dulcie to go to the bathroom so she could lean over, with her open blouse, and smile and talk to him.

Zelda didn’t catch that when Dulcie would get up, so would Av.   He would  go to the men’s room at the same time.

Zelda took lots of photos of Av on her phone and spent money to have them printed up, along with an image of herself so it looked as if they were together.

She wanted to follow them out, and once did.  The owner called her name and she had to come back in so did not find out where they lived.

Strangely, after that, they’d pay for their drinks as they ordered them, and slip out when she was not watching.

Zelda never put any connotation on it.   She never realised that Av was aware of her infatuation and wanted no part of it.


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Written by jaylar

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