Control of Self

This isn’t the same as self control, this is controlling who you are.    This is controlling who you present not only to the world, but to yourself.


Everyone in the world has a past, even if they were born a minute ago.   The power is to control how much of that past you allow to inflict the now.Many seniors are injured because they have so much past that jams their minds, they are scarcely conscious of the now.

The older you are, the more memories you have.   The more songs, images, sounds, smells, trigger those memories.

The memory is triggered, the now is obliterated, and the senior falls, because instead of concentrating on walking down the steps, or avoiding the stone, or noticing the wire, the senior is recalling fifty years ago when they had pop corn.

The wise senior focuses on now, and only now, and only when in a safe place can reflect on then.


One doesn’t have to be a senior to have a past.  The most unsuccessful people are those who keep a bad memory in the front of their minds.

The woman who was abused when she was ten is going to have a horrible life if she can not park that memory and live as if it never happened.   She will be the twenty year old who was abused ten years ago, the forty year old who was abused thirty years ago, the seventy year old….her entire life is destroyed by that one event.


The woman who can survive it, and park it in the mental trash and live separate from the memory to the point that no one who doesn’t know her would ever think anything like that happened to her,  will live a full and complete life.Many men have been in war and seen the worst things.   Some have Post Traumatic Stress, which will, unless dealt with and excreted, ruin the remainder of their lives.   Those who don’t carry these memories, who have been able to remove them from thought, live normal lives.

It is not something one needs psychiatric intervention, unless one simply does not have the control of self to be able to dispose of the past.

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