Choosing No religion

I am not an atheist. I have simply decided that no religion is for me.

I have studied religions all around the world, and haven’t found any that fit what I believe in. For instance, I believe in a personal God, but not the God of Christianity or Islam.

There are different parts of different religions I think may be true, such as reincarnation. I don’t think there is enough time in one lifetime for spiritual growth.

I also think there are “spiritual principles” that are found in certain religions. Such as resurrection. I think this has to do with dying to your old ways, and becoming more spiritual.

I think religions stem from personal revelation, and subsequent spiritual growth. It is not spelled out for anyone what is going on and people make their own interpretations.

I think this is true because of my own revelations, and my own spiritual growth.

I have had many spiritual experiences. God activating my chakras, and now my chakras opening. My awakening started seven years ago, and is still going on today.

My life now is completely different. I feel God in all things. He is everywhere.

I don’t think having a religion is necessary. We must all follow our individual paths. I believe these paths lead to the same place.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild


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