Changed Church

I love my Church don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place but when I got the list of the rules to follow when going back to Church, I realized I was not likely going to be able to go back right now.  They want you to wear disposable latex gloves, which they will provide, but I’m allergic to Latex, so that’s a big no for me.

As I said I love my Church, and want to be able to worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ, but the issue is there are so many rules now, it doesn’t seem like worship, honestly it feel more like policing.  No singing, six feet a part in the tiny parking lot where the spaces are close together, no visiting, just go to Church and leave.  

Now don’t get me wrong I want everyone to stay safe, but if the list of rules need to be endless, I think I’ll continue to worship at home.  

Monday night dinners stopped and yet we still have hungry people, no singing, no fellowship.  
I‘m on several committees but can’t worry about that now, I work with Children but it doesn’t look like we’re going to have Sunday school for awhile.  I need to get to work on the library, but what good is that if no one can use it.

I miss Church very much so, but in this case, I think staying home for the time being and watching the streamed services is going to be my reality for awhile…


What do you think?


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