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Career According to Your Personality Type

Since the old times, people strive to analyze themselves, to learn more about them and the people that surround them and to discover the meaning of human behavior. The importance of knowing more about yourself became crucial in understanding one’s life path and career, especially in today’s world of changes and expanded fields of work. 

There is one very detailed analyzes that is divides the personalities into four categories, and in every category there are four types of personalities.

Personality Traits

Every personality type is a combination of few personal traits: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity. 

The Mind aspect shows how we communicate with our surroundings. There are two traits of this aspect: Extrovert (individuals known as extroverts enjoy social activities and interaction with people) and Introvert (individuals that are more solitary and prefer loneliness more than crowds).

The Energy aspect  shows how we see the world and the way we process information: are we obServant or iNtuitive.

The Nature aspect determines our nature, precisely how we make decisions and cope with emotions: Thinking/ objective or Feeling individuals. 

The Tactics is an aspect that reflects our approach to work and decision making: Judging or Prospecting.

Identity aspect is showing our confidence in our abilities and decisions: assertive or turbulent.

The shortcuts of letters, has the following meaning: ESTJ is a combination of the following traits: Extrovert, Observant, Thinking and Judgement. ISTP means: Introvert, Observant, Thinking and Prospecting.

Think about your personal traits, characteristics and ambitions, and find your suitable career. Check out some of the personalities and their traits, and find to whom you are similar!



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