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Breathtaking Face Piercing Ideas

Nowadays, both boys and girls find ways to express themselves in various manipulations with their appearance. They make extraordinary hairstyles, wear colorful clothes and accessories. One such method of attracting attention is the face piercing, which today can be seen in many representatives of young people of both sexes.

In history, piercing arose as a puncture with a positive effect on the human organs. Ancient shamans achieved the unity with the gods with the help of piercing. This ancient way of self-expression became very popular in the last two decades. Holes can be done absolutely in any part, but most importantly, the nerves and muscles should not be hit. Otherwise, it can cause a skewed face and numbness.

All sorts of metal pieces can be seen in a variety of places – in the ears, nose, lips, eyebrows, and cheeks. Moreover, the services of piercing the skull, eyeball, and teeth are now offered.

                                                    Nose Piercing

The nose piercing is one of the most popular types of face piercings, in which a puncture is made in the nose for installation and wearing of jewelry. Nose piercing is common among both sexes. In many East and Asian countries, the nose piercing is a tradition. Adornments for nose piercing are usually made of steel, silver or gold. Nose piercing looks beautiful, modern, and sexy.


The most accepted types of nose piercing include punctures of nostrils and the skin below the nasal septum. Other variants of nose piercing have appeared with the spread of piercing culture in modern society, such as piercing of the nose bridge either horizontally or vertically.

Considering piercing of the nostrils, a single puncture or a combination of several punctures of one or both nostrils is possible. Rings with a ball clasp, bars with one flat side, and special stud earrings are used.


The high nostril option does not require wearing rings. It is done at the same height as the client wants, but as far as the anatomy allows. It is more difficult to care for such piercing since it is more difficult to reach it.

Then, Austin Bar is horizontal women’s and men’s face piercings, named after the first owner of this type of piercing. With it, only the tissues of the tip of the nose are pierced and the nasal septum is not affected.


Septril is a piercing on the lower side of the nose tip. The puncture is made centrally through the expanded hole of the septum toward the lower flat part of the nose.


Nasallang is a complex procedure with the damage to both nostrils and septum. This is a combination of both nostrils and septum punctures with a common jewelry, usually a metal barbell.


                                                      Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrows are very popular places for girl face piercings. This piercing is performed close to the thin end of the eyebrow vertically from the top down. The location of the earring is fraught with all sorts of injuries when dressing, washing because it is too bulging outwards. But it is the most noticeable in this place.


Horizontal piercing is made above the eyebrow growth line and parallel to it. With the horizontal type of eyebrow piercing, the forehead is pierced over the upper edge of the eyebrow along its direction. The earring, in this case, is drowned much deeper, which leads to the minimum possible injuries.


The anti-eyebrow piercing allows the installation of the earring at the level just below the eyes or on the cheekbone.


If desired, you can make several types of punctures so that they make a harmonious overall picture.

                                                    Lip Piercing

Both brutal men and cute girls like lip piercing. Previously it was used to refer to a certain musical style, but today it is made with the purpose of decorating and expressing the inner state of the soul.

Medusa piercing is made to locate an earring above the lip in a small depression.


The piercing, found closer to the chin, looks very interesting.


The Madonna and Monroe types are lip piercing when the decoration resembles a spot on the upper lip. Madonna piercing is done on the right, and Monroe is on the left part. Such a piercing does not cause painful sensations due to the fact that the tissue here is thin and has not a lot of nerve endings.


Dahlia piercing or Glasgow smile imitates the mouth rupture in the area of labial adhesions.


When the decision to perform a piercing is made, carefully consider every detail and try to prevent poor effects. The damage of the facial tissues can be dangerous and should only be done by professionals in salons with a good reputation where a piercing master can recommend suitable options of jewelry, taking into account the features of the puncture and the individual anatomy of the face.


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