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Becomming an article writer

Being an article writer is fairly easy considering that today everybody can plug in their computer and post something random, either on any of the popular social networks or on their own personal blogs.

It takes only a little bit of a persuasion and skill and you can start making content.

For the average hobby writer, it doesn’t really need to be something special and super cool, you can start writing about absolutely anything.

If you re providing a content for the SEO purposes, you have to follow a various almost mathematical formulas but if you are not- you don’t need to worry about it.

You can make articles about your pets, your job, frugal and save money issues and anything that you might like.

You can even describe your vacation and what you had to eat at the place you stayed at.

The easiest way to become an article writer is to join one of the articles writing pages.

The benefit of such a page is a bigger audience than usual for the beginner, and you get rewarded for your writing efforts.

Usually, in the past, unless you were directly hired on an online page, you were not getting any payment.


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  1. Thank you for this post. What’s the SEO? I read another article about how making content, getting your name out there and making money is better to do with a website like this, but making your own website is harder because of SEO and other things. Is that true or how does it go? I know nothing of this.

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