As Others See You – 8

I thought to post something about keeping his private life off the ‘Net, but there was no point.   Knowing Lek, he  would not  listen to me.

Twice a week he would post images of himself and the gal I began to call Slutina.  The way she stood, the expression on her face; whether she thought she was being sexy or looking for clients, was unclear.

I knew if I had a job vacancy, or I knew someone who did,  I couldn’t recommend Lek.   Anyone who can not see the inappropriateness of such images shared with the public could not maintain the kind of decorum or focus that a business, (beyond a bar, brothel, or dance hall) demands.

Looking at the images, pictures and videos of someone clumsily performing this crotch rubbing dance, the question;  would you hire a doctor, lawyer, accountant, executive who would post such things?

It is not that Lek just went dancing on Thursday night.   Even if it was nude dancing, as long as it was private, would be no one’s business.

To post these images on Facebook,   shouted that this was a person who did not grasp ‘appropriateness’.

What do you think?

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    • Let me clue you to this; if you apply for a job, they WILL ask if you have a Facebook page, and they WILL look at it. If what they see is similar to that of Lek, doing a rub a dub salsa with a trashy looking gal, no one will hire you… save in a bar or brothel. Not in a Law Office, Doctor’s Surgery, Accounting firm, etc.

      What you do in private means it is NOT on a Facebook page.

      I am not guessing here… (and if you know anyone who sits on Boards which deal with hiring employees, they WILL tell you the same.)

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