And Comes the Forth Generation – 76

The standards of those on the Board was to keep their mistakes, their tricks and scams, quiet.

Paul Mollusk had grabbed the job of President searching for some way he could make money.  It had taken him nearly a year to realise that the only thing that could be a money maker was Miriam House.

He planned it carefully.

Miriam House did not need painting.  It did not need the electrical fixtures changed, and any plumbing required, was minor.

He got a friend of his, a so-called ‘Contractor’ who came to ‘assess’.

With a straight face, Paul Mollusk went in front of the Board with a long list of ‘urgent’ repairs.

As the Board was made up of incompetent, distracted fools, they accepted his ‘quote’ for the repairs and refurbishing, (which he claimed he had cut by 20% when in truth he had jacked it by 30%) and Paul Mollusk took a breath.


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Written by jaylar

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