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Advantages of a Destination Wedding

Hosting the marriage ceremony in an exotic location can double as a vacation as well; however, it still does require a lot of planning. One of the most important decisions and also the hardest one is selecting the location. This means either selecting a location in a foreign country or a good one close by. For example, it means either South Lake Tahoe weddings or something in the tropics, Bahamas. 

The destination Wedding Advantage

Break from tradition:  Several statistics online suggest that brides prefer nontraditional weddings rather than having a formal wedding. Having a traditional wedding includes ordering formal clothes and shoes and doing everything in a traditional manner. However, hitting the road and opting for a destination wedding means a break from tradition; selecting any clothes and shoes you please and ditching the tux and tie. A destination wedding also has a casual feel to it.

Photo enthusiast’s Paradise: A traditional wedding at a formal location provides several opportunities for good photos of the married couple themselves and also along with their family members. In this case, the photos would be in a formal background. Opting for marriage at an exotic location means spectacular sceneries like that overlooking a lake, river, or mountains. For example, if opting for any of the South Lake Tahoe Wedding venues, one can expect a picturesque Lake Tahoe and the mountain background too. It could be a hill destination which also would mean a good view. Unlike a formal marriage where photos are restricted to a banquet hall; a destination wedding provides endless opportunities for splendid photos.

A small guest list: Having a traditional wedding means plenty of guests and spending hours preparing the guest list and getting it right. Marrying at an exotic location is quite the opposite. This type of wedding is often associated with inviting a few select friends and family members. Thus, this allows one to arrange a wedding with only close friends and relatives.

No rules or boundaries: A traditional wedding also includes a traditional process that includes a traditional ceremony and traditional dinner and formal gathering and so on. A destination wedding is a break from rules and regulations giving one the freedom of including any type of activity they please; which also means freedom to include anything they desire on the menu.

Make everyone feel like a king: A traditional wedding is rather formal and includes tons of guests being formal and following formal procedures; thus an overall formal experience. A destination wedding on the other hand only includes a select few (loved ones), thus allowing the host to ensure they have a good experience together.

No stress wedding: A wedding is usually associated with a formal event; it is far from a vacation, requires a lot of preparation, and often leaves one stressed. A destination wedding is just the opposite; it is free from stress, casual and just like a vacation. It also requires proper planning but does not come with the stress of a traditional wedding.

Spend days with loved ones instead of hours:  A formal event is usually a one-day affair, includes meeting and greeting guests, and leaves the bride and groom exhausted at the end of the day. The advantage of a destination wedding is there is no formal timetable of events, it has a more casual approach and allows the hosts to spend more quality time with their loved ones.

No seating arrangements to manage: A destination wedding means the guests and hosts can move freely; no restrictions on dining time or seating arrangements. This is a major advantage since a formal wedding includes lots of preparation and making sure all are seated correctly and in the right position.


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