A New Beginning (Part 33): The past is gone

For you to have a new beginning, you have to leave the past in the past.  Leave the past in the past because you cannot change the past.  If you leave the past in the past, then you will not make the same mistakes that you made in the past.

The way we do things now have drastically changed from last year.  The pandemic has changed how we do things.  The previous modus operandi are now in the past.  For example, the new standard is to wear masks in public so that we do not spread the coronavirus to other people.  

The reason why so many people object to the new standard is because they do not want to change from the old standard.  However, stubbornness always leads to horrific consequences.  In the USA, there have been so many instances of people that did not believe that Covid-19 was real until a family member died from the virus.  There are so many people that did not believe that they needed to wear a mask until they were attached to a ventilator.

The leaders that changed their methods by adapting to this pandemic are the places in which the coronavirus is no longer spreading, such as New Zealand, South Korea, and Germany.  The leaders that still stuck to the old way of doing things are the places in which Covid-19 are wreaking havoc right now:  Sweden, UK, USA, Mexico, India, and Brazil.

This post is the last one in this series, but this post is the most important.  Focus on the present and the future.  Forget the past.  The past is gone.


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  1. i wrote an article about the concept of information brokers. In that article, I talked about the reality of misinformation on the internet.

    I suspect that letting go of the past is going to be hard for many.


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