A New Beginning (Part 26): Good ground

Without good ground, a good crop cannot grow at harvest time.  In regards to farming, the ground must be taken care of in order to receive a maximum yield.

In our lives, we must take care of our hearts so that we can maximize all of the potential from within.  Here are some quick tips so that we can all be good ground.

1. Be prepared to listen.  Observation is the key to obtaining knowledge.  

2. Choose who you listen to wisely.  Do not listen to the wrong person.  Do not listen to blabbermouths that go on and on and on and on and on and on.  Do not listen to people you know that are not making a positive impact upon this earth.

3. Tune in to your emotions.  Take notice of how you are feeling so that you can take the necessary steps to maintain your emotional health during this crisis.


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Written by ahol888

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