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A New Beginning (Part 23): Stay prepared!

To say that the world was not prepared for Covid-19 is not an understatement.  This world had become so complacent in regards to infectious diseases because the last major world pandemic was one hundred years ago with the Spanish Flu of 1918.  What really worked right after World War I was a complete quarantine.

The countries that adhered to the quarantine are starting to see some hope at the end of the tunnel.  In the countries that did not follow the stay-at-home policies, the spread of the coronavirus continues.  No matter where you live, the key now is to stay prepared.  What are you going to do after everything is re-opened?  You have to come up with a contingency plan in order to remain healthy even if the contagion spreads to you.  Stay prepared.


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  1. Now, in Spain we are getting back to normal little by little. There some hours in which we can go outside. Some islands are being open now but the province of Barcelona and Madrid are going to wait a lot to see some normality. Coronavirus loves big cities

  2. Hand washing is very important. Drying the hands after washing them is equally important.
    I learned to do this as a home carer, and it takes 15 seconds to wash, 15 seconds to dry.
    Essential in this time.

    Sore throat?. May or may not be the virus, or suspect an infection. No guarantee, but warm salty water gargled helps a lot, and a visit to the Dr or Chemist.


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