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A friendly greeting

There is such a warm and nice feeling when greeting a stranger. I know people might think I am bonkers but I am not. As I pass a person by the elevator I always say hello to them. it’s not going to kill me to do that. When they get off the elevator I wish them a good day. It could be a very bad day for someone you never know. That warm greeting could set the mood for a beautiful day.


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  1. I always liked a sign saying, “There are no strangers here, only people we have not met.”

    I went to the new library new, to me because I just recently moved there. And the librarian said, “I have not seen you before!”
    Then I told her that I just moved here and she said.

    “Welcome to Highland Park!”

    That just made my day…
    I try and say “Hi!” to people too.

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