77 Sunset Strip

Ultimate Selfie

What do you think of my digs for eternity? Tom and I finally did what we have been talking about for ages. After all of the deaths in our family in what feels like just a few weeks we knew it was time. Of course I wanted to be at Spring Grove. I spend so much time there and it is such an alive place.

We will be cremated and then enurned (I learned a new word) in #77 Lakeside – I guess I have an address! This is black granite and I really had no idea that my head would show up right in our “drawer” with Tom over at the side. When we are both gone they will comingle the ashes. The cool part is that the dogs can also be mingled with us – but we can’t put “Giggles” on the drawer…….

It was an emotional experience. Not only because we had just lost folks but because it makes your own mortality look you a little closer in the eyes. I firmly believe that just the ashes of this body will reside in that box – I will be long gone and meeting my maker, rejoicing in heaven – or that’s the plan.

This old church secretary used to collect Affirmations of Faith. Week to week they spoke to me. I so remember sitting at my father’s bedside as he was doing the hard work of dying. I couldn’t even think how to pray – and that is when I feel that the Holy Spirit does it for me. But I could remember this and have always found comfort here.In life and in death we belong to God. What could be better?


What do you think?

Written by Cathy Donohoue


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