5 Ways to Show Your Boyfriend You Appreciate Him

We are sure you know your boyfriend extremely well, and you know what his love language is. He may be acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, or quality time (if you don’t know, taking the love languages quiz is a fun bonding activity). It is great to know what his language is, that way you can make sure you are appreciating him in a way he responds to best. Alright, it is time to get ready for date night and show your man how much he means to you!

1.     Quality Time- Movie Night

Being with someone who needs quality time to feel loved isn’t always an easy task, especially in today’s world. Being distracted is a surefire way to make someone who craves quality time, feel alone. If your person needs quality time, it is important to put the phones down, and spend real time together as distraction free as possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit there and stare at each other. It just means you need to spend real, purposeful time together. Like watching a movie with each other! Getting a projector for movie night is a new fun way to spend time with the one you love. Plus, it is a great investment to make if your partner really does love quality time! Think of all the binging marathons you can have with it!

2.     Gifts- Special Delivery

Everyone loves to get an intentional present, but it is especially important for those whose language is gifts. A great go to with a gift lover is flowers. If you have already sent flowers this month (everyone loves getting flowers), don’t worry because ProFlowers doesn’t only deliver flowers and plants! They also have fruit basket delivery available. It is different from the normal deliveries you can make, as normally they are all seen as unhealthy sweet treats. This is a gift they will not be expecting, but one that they will love and appreciate. Plus, it is super delicious! Talk about a win, win! 

3.     Words of Affirmation- Thoughtful Card

Sometimes saying the words out loud just isn’t as effective as writing them down. And sometimes it is hard to really describe how you feel about someone in the moment. If you give yourself the time to write out your feelings, it might be easy to really describe just how much you appreciate them, which in turn will make them feel appreciated. Get a nice card, or just use a pen and paper. Either will be a great choice for someone who feels loved with words of affirmation. It might seem silly to write something to them when you see them every day and you tell them you love them. But trust us, this is a smart move. Plus, it serves as a great reminder for days they maybe need an extra boost of love.

4.     Acts of Service- Make a Meal

Someone who feels the love through acts of service will greatly appreciate being cooked for! Whether you make a quick snack or a full meal, it is bound to show your man you appreciate him. If cooking isn’t your strong suit, and he finds more comfort in the kitchen, offer to take care of the dishes! That is a great act of service to show him you appreciate the meal he made, and you will take care of the rest. Other examples of acts of service could be: doing a load of his laundry, making the bed, or something completely random like restocking his cotton swabs. The best part about acts of service is even if it is a small gesture, it is always greatly appreciated.

5.     Physical Touch- Massage

Physical touch love can be anything from holding hands, hugging, high fives, or even massages. Maude has a massage candle that will take this love language to the next level! Once the candle begins to burn it creates a massage oil you can pour into your hand and use on your man. He will feel extra appreciated with this one!


Ultimately, whatever it is you decide to do, try to make sure it is something that he will connect with. If you aren’t sure, ask him, take the quiz together, or try them all out and see which he responds to best! The good news is, you can’t go wrong with any of these options, and they will all make him feel appreciated!


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