The Ultimate List Of Date Night Ideas

Are you fed up of spending every night watching the same television show with your other half? Are you bored of the same routine, the same conversations and the same old argument about who’s turn it is to take out the bins? It may just be time for you to start a date night! 

A large part of being in a relationship is always taking the time to make an effort with your other half, and scheduling a date night once a week can be a great way to get the quality time that you really need! But want can you do on a date night, and how can you keep things fresh, different and fun? Take a look at this list of date night ideas and revitalise your relationship this weekend! 

#1 Bike Rides and Pub Lunches

Instead of lying aimlessly on the sofa this weekend, why ot head out for a nice long bike ride? Exercise is a great way to bond with your partner; the release of endorphins can lead to a heightened happiness during your cycle. Plus, you can always stop off at the pub during your bike ride! 

#2 Hotel Stays and Days Away

Start planning a holiday! Even just one night in a hotel can be the break that both you and your partner really need. Plus, staycations don't have to be expensive when you make use of discount promo codes

#3 Long Walks Exploring

There is something about going on a long walk that really allows you and your other half to open up to one another. This is a great way to start talking about those things other than whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher! Relish in the opportunity to really connect with, and open up to, your other half. 

Top Tip: try heading further afield on a walk that you haven't been on before. Part of what makes date night so special is the fact that you get to try new things with your partner! 

#4 Comedy Nights Down The Boozer

Laughter really is the best medicine. So, why not head out for a night full of laughs with your other half. This is a great way to really enjoy one another's company while making memories. Plus, it’s a great excuse to have a few pints too! 

#5 Favourite Movie & Snack Night

If you and your partner are used to spending you Friday nights watching the same old television programmes then it may just be time for you to change it up a little bit. Watch the other person’s favourite film and get in some great snacks! Make sure you watch something a little different, pop on the candles and have a nice snuggle! 

#6 Those Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Have you ever considered doing some exercise with your partner? One of the best ways to get communicating is after doing exercise, when your serotonin release is at a high. Why not consider hitting the gym, playing some tennis or going for a run! 

#7 Relax Together With Spa Breaks

Heading to the spa with your other half is a great way to rekindle those romantic flames! Not only can you take the time to really relax after a long week at work, but you will be able to bond with your partner too! Go for a swim, to the sauna or even book in a massage! 

#8 Board Game Fun

If you are fed up of the same old routine with your partner then it may just be time for you to get those board games in! This is a great way to have a laugh with your partner and get those competitive juices flowing! Put bets on to raise the stakes! 

#9 Explore Different Restaurants

If you and your partner are feeling a little less romantic recently then it may just be time that you wine and dine one another. Head out to a restaurant that you have both never been to before and indulge in a nice bit of food and a shared bottle of red. You’ll be rekindling that romance before you know it! 

#10 Cooking Food Together

While ordering a takeaway on a Friday night might be the routine, it may just be time that you started cooking with your partner. Making something fun and messy, like tacos or cupcakes, can be a really fun and romantic experience. Especially if you turn on the music and start sipping some wine! 

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