5 Ways Marijuana Can Improve an Active Lifestyle

The populace is divided. Some are for the amazing intrinsic benefits of cannabis while others, well, let’s just leave it at that. After all, a simple plant can’t really please everybody. But for those who are ardent believers of how this magical plant can cure health disorders, conditions, and diseases; I suggest you read on. Especially those who are into the active lifestyle.

Aside from the fact that marijuana decreases your stress hormones called cortisol, and keeps you feeling jubilant while under the influence, some people claim smoking or ingesting it impairs your motor skills. A number of athletes, on the other hand, say otherwise. Marijuana, without its high-inducing element – THC – is actually beneficial for the body in some ways. CBD is the elemental counterpart that is said to have physical healing powers without the “floating” feeling.

So if you regularly break a sweat to keep a healthy lifestyle, cannabis can actually aid you in your journey positively. Feast on these 5 ways on how marijuana can improve your active lifestyle.

  • Sativa Gives You the Extra Boost

Understanding the right strain in taking marijuana is key to getting the desired effect. Sativa strains are known to get you hyper-accelerated. These types of flowers are mostly used during physical activities as they motivate you. Usually, these types of strains have a good amount of CBD (cannabidiol) to alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, reduce anxiety, develop serotonin, and increase focus, and creativity as well. So before hitting the gym, take small amounts of this type to keep you energized all throughout the workout.

  • Indica is Good for Cooling Down

I know you might be used to your normal stretches for cooling down but another great way to ease those sore muscles is to slather some CBD or THC cream into those overworked areas. You may also use some tinctures, or even just traditional smoking will usually do the trick. After a vigorous workout, Indica strains are famous for its anti-inflammatory advantages and ache-soothing benefits. In addition, these types of flowers enable you to relax and have a deeper and sounder sleep preparing your mind and body to tackle on the activities the following day.

  • Heightens Senses

One major effect of taking cannabis is that it heightens a person’s senses. The five traditional senses which are the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are enhanced allowing you to somewhat feel twice as much and get past the barrier so you start out strong. Say, for example, yoga practitioners claim that they are more “in the zone” when they have a small dosage of cannabis before yoga practice. Also, smoking a little on the job, provided that you choose the right strain consistency, will boost your performance. That being said, the legalization of marijuana has also helped around 200,000 people off the streets of America by offering them jobs and unsurprisingly, most of them are really good at what they do. If you want more information, there are a handful of positions related to cannabis cultivation on the web.

  • A Painkiller Alternative

An athlete can come across unavoidable injuries due to physically-demanding activities. More often than not, athletes scurry over to pharmacies to obtain over-the-counter painkillers so they can train for consecutive days. While this might work almost all the time, it’s no surprise that these synthetic drugs can cause more harm than good to your overall health in the long run. Cannabis, however, is an excellent alternative to pain mitigation from injuries. But it’s advisable to always consult your physician for major injuries.

  • Helps You Bulk Up and Lose Weight

Sounds ironic, doesn’t it? Well, as you may know, marijuana can stimulate one’s appetite. Some gym-goers actually have eating disorders that sometimes curb their appetites. So if you’re one of those gym buffs that want to gain weight or bulk up a bit, cannabis is the key! You’d be surprised how much munchies you can handle after taking doses of marijuana either by smoking or ingesting. Now, for the losing weight part, marijuana use deters your body from alcohol abuse. Some even just quit alcohol altogether while under the influence of cannabis. So if you skip your usual pub visits every night, imagine all the calories avoided your body will thank you for!

Although the effects of marijuana use are also dependent on one’s tolerance or food intake, it’s always important to take small doses of this miracle plant while engaging in strenuous activities. The last thing you want to do is sustain injuries from being “too high.” Also, consulting your doctor is always a smart option before integrating cannabis into your workout or sports routines.


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