Wow! 3 Drill Machine Life Hacks You Should Know

You know how sometimes you just need that “special” tool for a once in a lifetime kind of D.I.Y. job. Well, thank heavens for the inventiveness of people. Just how they come up with these short-cuts and money/time savers is due to that age old saying:”Necessity is the mother of invention.” We are just too darn great at times and here are three, just so “clever” ideas. The first one, I have personally needed when wanting to tie something down, (this first tip does require a touch of spot welding.) Take a peek for your self. The next idea is a fantastic circle cutting gadget for large holes. And last but not least, whom of us handymen has battled to cut eye-lets into leather? this is super cool. Just remember to take every required safety precaution before attempting any of these jobs. And, naturally, should you attempt any of these tips, it will be entirely at your own risk. Have fun watching.  


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