What's Blooming: DayLilies!

I have been enjoying all the blooms from my day lilies this year.  I have yellow day lilies and peach day lilies that have been blooming like crazy for a couple of weeks now.  I enjoyed them so much, I asked my husband to buy me a new color for Mother’s Day.  That way I could enjoy more blooms and not have to throw flowers out in a couple of days.

He chose the Ming Toy Day Lily which is a burgundy color with a yellow or golden center.   I can’t wait to see these blooms, but  I may have to wait until next year.  They were root bound and had already bloomed so unless they get energized from being repotted and room to grow, I will have to wait.

Enjoy the photos and I’d love to hear about your lilies!  What kind and colors do you have?

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This is the latest addition to the lilies here.  This one is called Ming Toy and I can't wait for it to bloom. The photo is actually of the picture on the card that came in the pot.  I have two of the Ming Toys; thanks to my hubby!  I asked for a new color of lilies for Mother's Day vs. fresh flowers!


What do you think?

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    • Thank you. I really love this flower. I just added 10 new colors and got 2 of each until my daughter comes over to get her bulb. I have 120 more on the way! I got carried away this year but I will have some beautiful flowers next year. Some are even shooting up blooms that I just planted!

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