Top 10 Vacuum Cleaning Tips for Home Cleaning

Keeping the home neat and tidy takes a lot of time, effort and energy. However, the same can be reduced when using a vacuum cleaner. Here are 10 vacuum cleaning tips for home cleaning.

Make Use of the Right Cleaning Technique

Instead of making short, quick, back-and-forth motions, move in rows vertically and horizontally. This helps in cleaning better as when you move in one direction and come back on it, the vacuum cleaner can pick up any dirt that got missed in the first swipe.

Grouted Floor

To clean grouted floor, you require an appropriate vacuum cleaner attachment because in this the dirt gets settled in the grout lines. If you use a mop here, this dirt remains settled as the mop just glides over the surface. The right attachment helps in picking up the dirt that hides in the cracks and corners.

Vacuum Often

There are times like vacation or festive season when there are more people at home or kids spend more time indoors.You need to increase the frequency of vacuuming at such times to keep your home clean.

High Traffic Areas Require More Focus

There are places like living area, which are frequented more and thus they are more prone to get dirty. Spend more time cleaning these areas.

Spend More Time Cleaning the Area Next to Entry Door

It is the area next to the entry door that first comes in contact with wet and dirty shoes. If you keep floors and carpets in this area clean, then the remaining area will automatically remain dry and clean.

Use the Right Vacuuming Speed

Vary the speed of your vacuum cleaner for the home according to the area. In low-traffic area, you can keep the speed high but on the high traffic zones, reduce the speed to make slow passes to pick up all the dirt.

Use the Right Brushes

Depending on the surface you want to clean, choose the right brush, else even the best vacuum cleaner won’t be effective.For example, a rotating brush is good to loosen the deep-settled dirt, but if used on looped-style carpets, it will damage its fibres.

Set the Vacuum Cleaner at the Right Height

The height of the vacuum cleaner for home is important forgetting the best suction and maintaining proper airflow. If it’s set too high, it won’t clean properly and if too low, it can damage the surface.

Maintain the Machine

Even the best vacuum cleaner requires some maintenance to keep working efficiently. Keep a check on the vacuum bags and replace them as and when required.

Make Use of Different Cleaning Modes

Any good vacuum cleaner for home comes with different modes of cleaning. This helps in addressing the varied cleaning requirements and cleaning styles. Make use of these settings as per the requirement.

A vacuum cleaner is an amazing appliance that helps in keeping the home clean with minimal efforts. Keeping the above-discussed tips in mind will make the task easier.


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Written by Shivangi Gupta

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  1. How true this is. I like to vacuum when I am cleaning the house, but I like bagless sweepers. They really work very well for me and a lot easier to use. When I vacuum I do floors, rugs, and even the walls and the corners near the ceiling to catch cobwebs. The tips you gave were very good.

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