Tips for beautiful mini flowerbeds

Owners of cottages are in constant reflection on how to decorate their own courtyard. The great decision will be a beautiful mini flower bed, located in the most successful place.

Specialists highlight a number of issues to be solved before proceeding with the creation of a decorative composition:

  • It is required to choose a place intended for the future flower bed.
  • It is necessary to think in advance about the design of the future decorative element.
  • It is necessary to think about the colors of the flower bed. 
  • It is necessary to think what accompanying objects you want to see in the composition.

Initially, you need to pay attention to what design has already been created in the yard. Your flower bed should be a supplement to the general ensemble, harmoniously combined with the common style. Do you want to create a masterpiece? It makes sense to turn to a professional designer who will help draw the project of the proposed composition, to select the necessary plants.

Variety of mini flowers bed

Professional designers distinguish two kinds of flower beds: regular flower beds and arrangements with a free layout.

You can choose the following types of regular flowerbeds:

  • Varies having a strict geometric shape. Round, square, oval or rectangular variants are very popular.
  • Flowers bed made in the form of a strip having a certain width. This variant looks great when located along the fence, verandas or terrace.
  • Parterre type flowers bed. This type is for the creation of a separate composition of flowers with a sand, stones or gravel, as well as with sculptures.

You will be able to choose the option that best fits into the interior of your site. One of the luxurious options is a beautiful mini flower bed in the form of clock. You just have to create a composition of round type, the fringing of which is made of stones, lawn or other material, and the flowers serve as a dial.

Freestyle flower bed

If your area is large enough, it makes sense to create flowerbeds with a free layout. Such a decision will make it possible to divide the whole territory of the yard into separate zones. Specialists distinguish several types of flower beds of free type:
  • Flower beds with mix borders, of any type. In this version, the compositions made of many kinds of flowers look great.
  • Alpinariums allow you to create a small garden consisting of flowers, trees, and stones. You can get a beautiful hill that will serve as a beautiful decoration of the courtyard.
  • Group decoration. No need to create a form, all plants are arranged in an arbitrary order.

If the size of the plot allows you to draw a large composition, then it makes sense to pay attention to the flowerbeds with a free layout. However, small plots, as a rule, apply small flower beds of a certain shape.

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