The Outdoor Living Space Models 2018

The Annual Spring Garden Show 2018 was at South Coast Plaza, Crystal Court, in Costa Mesa, California, from Thursday, April 26th to Sunday, April 29th. It was all day from morning until 7 pm. I dropped by mostly to browse, check out some interesting seminars, take snapshots for artistic inspiration, and do my annual videos of outdoor living space models for home decor inspirations. It was tiring but interesting. I even checked out some food demos. I will post some recipes later, but I will veganize or vegetarianize some recipes. I noticed interesting ideas, in which I will post for inspiration.

#1 Outdoor Living Space Models 2018 Part 1

Notice the themes in these Outdoor Living Space Models.  They all have a relaxing and meditative scene, with comfortable lounging furniture nearby water.

The Living Pleasures has an urban style with a bottles water fountain, firepit, comfy couch with throw pillows and blanket, and surrounded by succulent native plants. It reminds me of Urban Outfitters, The Lab anti-mall, and The Camp Nature Mall in Costa Mesa, CA, which is near South Coast Plaza.

The Up on the Roof has a skyscape and urban feel with modern comfy furniture and geometric pieces. There is also a firepit, lanterns, and native plants.

The Holistic Wellspring looks like an office space for a vegan.

The Culinary Essence is for people who plan to have spring and summer backyard parties, and enjoy their meals outdoors.

The Wings of Spring involves creating your own butterfly sanctuary by building a safe haven for butterflies in your backyard. It is a huge house surrounded by a mesh screen, and it has some cantaloupe and pineapple pieces inside. I think the butterflies were sleeping in this video; in my second video, they are awake and flying around inside their sanctuary. It is a nice place to read a book and unwind after a long day.

The Native Namaste looks like a yoga studio amidst nature. It is perfect for a yogi who likes to spend time alone, meditating, doing yoga, reading, and blogging on the Internet.

The Mise En Place looks like elegant dining in the outdoors. I especially liked the edible plants archway, in which I noticed little strawberries on one row. This would be a perfect backyard for people who want to grow their own herbs, veggies and fruits. It also has an urban feel, similar to these rooftop nature living space themes in NYC. The style looks modern and elegant.

The centerpiece this year is a nature scene, created by Tim Estes from Fiesta Parade Floats. It involves giant colorful flowers, bridge, creek, lady bugs, frogs, bees, and hummingbirds. As I was walking around the island structure, checking the creative and artistic sculptures, the little bridge amidst nature, greenery, wildlife, and water reminded me of my walking group hikes. Fiesta is also involved in building the floats for the Rose Parade.

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#2 Outdoor Living Space Model Part 2

More outdoor living space models 2018 are in this Part 2 video.

Everlasting Reflections involves a relaxing lounging area next to a koi fish pond and a little waterfall structure. The fish, modern style, and soothing sounds of the water in the background are the highlights of this theme.

Garden of Zen involves a Chinese theme of a low table with round cushion seats. The huge lotus flower fountain and pathway to a meditative break during tea time amidst lights are all about creating your secret garden of peacefulness and Zen.

Chic Retreat is a sophisticated lounging living space area, which I think would look cute for a living room for a townhouse. For some reason, it reminds me of a NYC penthouse.

1st Place Winners--Blue Ribbon--Native Nameste got 2 blue ribbons for both categories.

2nd Place Winners--Red Ribbon--

Everlasting Reflections and Mise En Place

3rd Place Winners--White Ribbon--

Garden of Zen and Chic Retreat

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#3 Create Your Own Butterfly Sanctuary 2018

This short video clip is from one of the above outdoor living space models. I think they added the butterflies into the sanctuary late, during the weekend, and I made the video for the ten living space models during the weekday. I didn’t see any butterflies during that weekday, just their food and water. But, today, I noticed many cute butterflies fluttering around happily in their own safe haven. One was seated at one of the fruit bowls eating from the pineapples or cantaloupes. The others were on the ground.

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