Secrets Of 15 Cut Flowers That Last Longer

One of the most beautiful and best-appreciated gifts are fresh cut flowers. Sadly though, they are not everlasting. While this may be a fact, one should remember that not all flowers are cut from the same cloth. Some flowers may bloom at their best for just a few days, some only last a few hours like the night-flowering cereus.

A few others have an incredible lifespan of weeks! When you are considering which flowers to offer as a gift, it’s important to consider your recipient’s preferences and what you’re trying to communicate to them as flower varieties say very different things. It can also be useful to know about which flowers will keep and therefore also keeping your loved one smiling for long. To get the low down on the lifespans of cut flowers, I’ve listed the top cut flowers that last in order of shortest to longest lasting. Watch the video to see which ones last even longer!


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